Targeted Industry Clusters

Linking groups of similar industries and working to meet their needs through workforce development is one of the goals of the CareerLink at Pottsville. Making these connections will help ensure Pennsylvania’s success in the global economy.

Pennsylvania has identified several groups of industries in similar or complementary fields, known as industry clusters. An industry cluster is a group of industries that are closely linked by common product markets, labor pools, similar technologies, supplier chains, and/or other economic ties. 

By working with businesses within the industry clusters, we can combine training needs for multiple firms with similar skill needs and help drive a market-based approach to workforce development.

We are working to align education and training institutions with employer and employee needs.  Education, workforce and economic development must be interconnected to ensure that workers have the skills businesses need to be competitive and have the ability to obtain education to compete for higher wage jobs and career advancement.

The following industry clusters have been targeted for growth in Pennsylvania: