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Just as many people believe in keys to success, we also believe there are keys to work!

workkeysWorkKeys® can open the door to an exciting new career opportunity for workers, while also giving employers the peace of mind that their new hire is prequalified to meet their needs.

Created by ACT (a nationwide testing organization) and administered by the Wilkes-Barre CareerLink office, the WorkKeys® program is an assessment tool that measures basic, foundational skill levels in potential employees. It takes into consideration the skills needed in specific occupations and then, through testing, determines the skills an individual currently has and what training may be needed.

Those who complete the program can receive national certification at one of four different levels, which denote a potential employee’s skills and how those skills compare to skill levels required for certain jobs.

Employers, as well as many workforce investment boards around the state, have recognized the program and National Career Readiness certification it provides.

WorkKeys® identifies local strengths and talent. This program aids regional economic development organizations in bringing new industry and jobs to Luzerne and Schuylkill counties, as many employers are looking for assistance in evaluating and training potential employees.

WorkKeys® components include job analysis, assessment and training.

Job analysis looks at what skills are needed in today’s occupations, providing concrete information about the skills required in certain positions.

The assessment portion surveys the work skills an individual currently has and provides information about how their skills compare to those required for the position.

Finally, WorkKeys® training addresses how skill gaps can be addressed through a variety of training programs, targeting how to use allocated training funds most effectively.

WorkKeys® has been adopted by many employers in Luzerne and Schuylkill counties. Employers have said the program helps narrow the field of candidates who have applied for positions, making it easier to select quality employees.

If you are interested in undergoing this assessment, please contact the Wilkes-Barre CareerLink office at 570-822-1101.

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